With Warm Welcome

Jimmy Ly

Episode Notes

Jimmy Ly is the Chef-Owner of Madame Vo and Madame Vo BBQ in the East Village. Jimmy and his wife, Yen Vo (for which the restaurants are named after), have certainly changed the conversation of Vietnamese restaurants in NYC. Once nonexistent, there are now a new wave of places to grab your pho or even BBQ fix. 

Growing up in Chinatown to immigrant parents who owned a dim sum restaurant and a nail salon, Jimmy learned early on about entrepreneurship and hard work. His fateful meeting with his wife and their disdain for the lack of Vietnamese restaurant options spurred the opening of Madame Vo. 

In this episode, we dive into the origin story of Madame Vo, the SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) effect, and the loses along the way for Jimmy that have now turned into anything but wins.