With Warm Welcome

Sakura Yagi

Episode Notes

Sakura Yagi is the COO of T.I.C Restaurant Group, a collection of Japanese restaurant concepts predominantly located in the East Village in NYC. Their concepts include: Hasaki, Sake Bar Decibel, Sakagura, Curry-ya, Sobaya, Shabu Tatsu, Hi-Collar, Rai Rai Ken, Otafuku x Medetei, and Cha An Teahouse.

 While New York does not have an official Japantown like Koreatown or Chinatown has, T.I.C Restaurant Group has created their own little impressive community of Japanese restaurants that specialize in certain dishes. 

In this episode, we follow Sakura Yagi's origin story of growing up as a Japanese-American in NYC to working various odd jobs after college to her fateful homecoming in 2012 as the COO of T.I.C Restaurant Group.